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Paying Your Rent

It is the policy of this office that all rent is paid through the Payment Gateway system. This system allows you the convenience of being able to pay your rent in a number of different ways.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act you are required to pay your rent by the date noted on the schedule in your lease and it must always be paid in advance.

We understand that from time to time situations arise that are beyond your control. We appreciate a phone call or email to let us know of your position.  However this office does have a strict policy on the payment and collection of rent and you will receive a number and variety of legal reminders which you should not ignore. These legal notices MUST be issued as follows to avoid the owners Insurance becoming void. There is no 3 chance rule. If you don’t pay, you don’t stay.

CategoryTime elapsedReminder notice
Category 1 arrears1 to 3 days in arrearsFriendly reminder text message
Category 2 arrears4 to 7 days in arrearsText message, Email & Phone call
Category 3 arrears8 to 14 days in arrearsLegal Notice Form 11 ‘Notice to Remedy Breach’ issued

Note: The full amount on this breach will need to be paid to halt the Eviction Process.

Category 4 arrears15+ days in arrearsLegal Notice Form 12 ‘Notice to vacate’ issued

Example of paying rent:

You buy a loaf of bread of 14 pieces, you take a piece out every day, in 14 days you’ll need to buy another loaf of bread. Rent in advance works the same – you pay your rent for 14 days, live there the 14 days and then ‘purchase’ another 14 days

There is no deviation from this schedule and it is the strict policy of this office that all employees adhere to it regardless of circumstances.

Our office does not accept cash in the office. In office payments must be either money order or cheque, we do not have eftpos facility. Due to the banks processing proceedures payments via Payment Gateway take 3 banking days to show into our account so rent needs to be paid at least 3 banking days before it is due.

The following options and costs are available:

  • By Internet:
  • By Phone: 1300 725 729
  • Automated: Scheduled for your convenience
    (Set the schedule yourself via the website or we can configure this for you)
  • BPAY: Via your Financial Institution, enter the Biller Code and Reference number provided
  • Cash/EFTPOS: Over-the-counter at Australia Post

$1.65 fee is applicable to payments made from your bank account (automated)

2.2% fee is applicable to payments made from your credit card

$3.00 fee is applicable to payments made via BPAY

$4.00 fee is applicable to payments made at Australia Post

Our office also offers Centrepay as a free service to our Centrelink clients.

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