Lauren Hickson

Sales Admin - Personal Assistant

Lauren is a highly driven employee with a passion for achieving the best results and helping where ever she can. After just finishing school in 2017 she came straight into the industry to work full-time. She strives to be the best in the office even though she is one of the youngest employees yet tries to stand out. Being the daughter of Deanne she has high expectations put on her to be the best she can.

After many conferences and meetings with the Ray White team she knew this was the industry for her. She is so driven she can't stop once she has started. While sitting in reception when she first started she was the first point of contact for many people growing her social skills and learning quickly how to answer any question that was thrown at her while juggling other tasks being set.

Lauren loves the fast pace of the industry and the fact that every day is different with new and interesting people to meet. Thriving in the continually changing environment of the property realm, she proactively rises to all of its challenges.